Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just Trying to Get By

Every time I think the grief is behind me, something comes up and slaps me in the face.

The bible says to everything there is a season, I want this season to pass and be healed!

Joseph has been a sweetie this past week and the Lord gets the glory!

Delighting in the Lord & counting it All joy-no matter how I feel!

His favorite place in the world, with the fish. It was so hot, but we had a great time.

Not starting out so well

July 16, 2008

Well if the past few weeks haven’t been hard enough, after a visit with my niece’s family whose lil one was sick, of course Joe & Roxx are now sick. This is one reason we have always started in July. For one the thunder showers not much to do out when the weather is ultra hot and rainy. May as well do school.

Company always comes as well in the summer months too. So there is plenty of time to get our days in.

Thank you Lord that by your stripes Joseph, Roxx and me are healed, in Jesus name.

Ready or Not… here we go!

July 1, 2008
I guess I am as ready as I am going to be considering the things in life that go on. We started yesterday and it went so-so. Joseph is a way different child than Sean was. I need to finish reading Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit by Terri Maxwell. I knew I would need this book with this child. Today was more difficult than yesterday but God’s grace is sufficient. I am thankful for His strength and His Holy Spirit. Thank you Doorposts, Thank you God for this child I have prayed, I am so glad I have him.

He is now working on getting his "Family" badge from Contenders for the Faith. That is a good thing.

I pray that my children are taught by the Lord and great shall be their peace.

He did some lil foam projects that kept him busy for a while and he liked that.
We are reading Leading Little Ones to God, that just so happen to be in Homeschooling Today. I thought wow, it’s not something I have to go out and get, I got it at the FPEA convention in May. Yippee! We are also doing "Got to Have God", and Plants Grown Up. To my unsaved husband it may look like lots of bible but that is what I think is the most important part of life. I have no greater joy to know my children walk in truth. HIS!

We are doing Math U See and Hooked on Phonics. Lots of stuff makes home school/ school for life.

Saying Good-bye for now

June 23, 2008
Yesterday the battle for a sister in the Lord’s husband ended. We ran the race, we believed for a miracle, we stood in faith, we trusted God, now a new battle of trusting begins. With 4 children, just 1yr, turning 4, turning 6, and turning 8 she will need new strength and find new hope in her King Jesus. If the Lord leads you, please lift them up in prayer.

Learning to deal with no

June 21, 2008
The day started out nice as we went to Joe’s friends birthday party. When we got home that was another story. DH, DS, DN, were all watching a scary movie and Joseph was not happy about that. He wasn’t budging either. TV’s computers, toys… he just wanted to be in the living room watching his shows. I really hate that big silver god. When all that settled and I got him in his room and things were quite I went up to take a shower. I am not in there 5 min and I hear him screaming. DH wanted him to come up and he said no, hit his dad, spit which I can’t believe, he has not done that before. Well even though I don’t agree with the hubby I knew I had to honor him and talk to Joe about obeying his dad. I pray the Lord turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the father. I also pray my husband does not provoke my son to wrath (he does) he is not saved, so …

tonight there will be no TV, or computer, just good ol’ fashion play with what you have and be thankful.

Joe's 5th Birthday

Joe's 5th Birthday

We had another pool party this year, by request. I love that little kids make things so simple. The innocence of a child just wanting his friends to come over and play moves my heart. We had chips, pretzels, hot dogs, cake and ice cream. Pretty basic. A good time was had by all.
I could not have done it by myself though, our pool area is under construction and needed tons of cleaning, moving supplies, uff ! I am glad that’s over and thank God for Sean. He did so much for me.

Hopefully when it’s my turn for the hs group to come to our pool it will not be so bad.

Starting Out Slowly

Where to begin again? After Sean’s graduation last year and Roxxanne’s this year, starting Joseph with school will be interesting. When I got back from the convention I showed him some stuff I got for him and that was fun. We started with our bible reading and devotions, then did some ABC’s and then watched Mr Demme of Math U See. Did some penmanship and some space study (coloring the planets), piano for preschoolers and then were done.

I forgot how fun it is to see that spark. Well alas in only a couple of short weeks we are off track (mine) with life. I only wanted to try this sorta routine to see how it would go before we officially start this July. I can see how important it is for both of us to have a routine set in place with consistency and order. After all, My God is a God of order, and I haven’t always been rigid. We have always done what was needed in a laid back setting. I hope I can achieve that same level of comfy laid back attitude with Joseph’s "schooling". I want the Lord to be his center, his rock, his truth and his salvation.

Sean was so easy to talk about the things of the Lord when we rise up when we walk by the way, when we lay down. Joseph’s mind is going faster than I can get any words out of my mouth. Thank you Lord for Door Posts on the fridge. I just say lets go to the board! My slow almost 44 brain and mouth have help. So slow and steady for this mom starting over.

Thank you Father that my children are taught by you, and great shall be their peace.