Sunday, March 13, 2011

Starting Out Slowly

Where to begin again? After Sean’s graduation last year and Roxxanne’s this year, starting Joseph with school will be interesting. When I got back from the convention I showed him some stuff I got for him and that was fun. We started with our bible reading and devotions, then did some ABC’s and then watched Mr Demme of Math U See. Did some penmanship and some space study (coloring the planets), piano for preschoolers and then were done.

I forgot how fun it is to see that spark. Well alas in only a couple of short weeks we are off track (mine) with life. I only wanted to try this sorta routine to see how it would go before we officially start this July. I can see how important it is for both of us to have a routine set in place with consistency and order. After all, My God is a God of order, and I haven’t always been rigid. We have always done what was needed in a laid back setting. I hope I can achieve that same level of comfy laid back attitude with Joseph’s "schooling". I want the Lord to be his center, his rock, his truth and his salvation.

Sean was so easy to talk about the things of the Lord when we rise up when we walk by the way, when we lay down. Joseph’s mind is going faster than I can get any words out of my mouth. Thank you Lord for Door Posts on the fridge. I just say lets go to the board! My slow almost 44 brain and mouth have help. So slow and steady for this mom starting over.

Thank you Father that my children are taught by you, and great shall be their peace.

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