Thursday, March 25, 2010

After the Love & Respect DVD Series

It has been wonderful time of fellowship with dear women young & seasoned who want to protect their marriages and children while they obey the Lord.

We shared lots of things that is typical in marriages, but oh so serious in how we react in the moment. We prayed for on another and we began to see fruit, even as some of us were tried with fiery darts, the Lord prevailed.

This is not a quick fix, but I would encourage you to read this book. You are responsible for you. It would be great to do it together but as you know many husbands are just blue, not wrong just different.

I am the wifeypoo, and unequally yoked, saved 2yrs after we got married. My husband is very blue and I am walking in grace with him as the Lord sanctifies him to live with me. Thank you Lord for my husband, bless him and keep him, make him holy unto yourself, that he will honor and glorify your name.

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