Tuesday, July 3, 2012

She Makes Linen Garments & Sell Them

I feel like I don't have a marketable talent.  In this season of my life, me & dh have always felt while there are children in the home mom takes care.

I really don't think a woman can be everything to everyone, and also get what she needs, if she is burning out at both ends. G*d made us the weaker vessel.  We have to remember He is our provider. We have to trust He will give us what we need.

Are we wanting to get the "extras" to keep up with Jone's?  Does the Father want us to go through a valley to refine our hearts, to learn how to trust Him and NOT self? 

The P31 woman was NOT the provider, she was a helpmeet, she was smart, she did have slaves.  My tools help, but I still have to push the vac, dust, do the windows, etc.

They learned the skills of weaving and sewing because they needed clothes, she was talented enough and smart enough to sell also, while her home was cared for by slaves. 

If she was not a woman of means, with slaves, she would just be working at home to get the job done, she would never be hired. 

Her husband was known in the gates, I am sure his signet was upon her merchandise.

I don't think we can just say my husband is okay with working, if the Lord has convicted us in His word. If your husband said I hate the neighbor kill him for me, would we? No!

The Word says seek first the kingdom, we are the weaker vessel , we are to be chaste home keepers,  mans curse is to toil.  He made us different to complement each other, for two different roles.

Financial trials like all trials is to test us, for the perfecting of our faith.  To really submit to His will when everyone else says something different is where we have our victories in the spirit.
Where are we going to stand? 

I do believe we have different seasons in our lives where we are open to the Lord's teachings.

He will deal with each of us how He chooses in His time.  Once He gets a hold of your heart, you will be putty!



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