Friday, January 23, 2009

Getting Back in the Swing...

I am surely not an avid blogger as you have found out if you dropped by. Things over the holidays up till now have certainly not been smooth. Writing has seemed all that important. Instead prayer and telling the Lord my thoughts is what I chose. Who better? No offense to my online buds/ sisters. But deeply I cry out to the Lord who knows my secrets, my desires, what I need to confess and repent of. Yes, me a sinner. Thank you Lord for you grace in my life.

We have a new addition in our home. A six yr old boy who wants to go home, but the court said he can't. My heart is broken for his family, but I know the Lord works all things for good, weather I know it or not. So, I will praise Him in the midst of the crazies. I now get up early and take him to school an hour round trip. Come home and do school with my lil guy, try to get some stuff done in the house then back to school to pick up the other boy. (Trying to keep his name private)

I have come to the conclusion for all things in life. Trust in the Lord with all my heart and mind. Nuff said!

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