Thursday, May 5, 2016

At work with the hubs

Today I am keeping my beloved company as he works. We are in beautiful Treasure Island, FL. Someone got a real sweet deal with a fixer upper. It is small but charming right across the dare I say street, it is more like a skinny sidewalk from the beach.
Oh how I would love to be further south and steps from the beach.

I really love living in Florida and I am so thankful to be here.

My hubby works beyond hard to provide for our family and I appreciate when I can go with him and see beautiful houses.

God has given him incredible talent with his hands and he is well loved by everyone he works for. #proudwifeypoo.

I love this man to the core if my being.
As it is the National Day of Prayer, I hope all you wives lift up you husbands with a special prayer today for strength, integrity, honor, wisdom, health, and humility. I pray you all respect your husbands as head if your homes and as God's gift to you all.

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