Monday, July 2, 2012

Being the Crown of My Husband

Like no wife is perfect, no husband is either.
Marriage is hard if you have stuck around any length of time you know this. There are deep valleys along the way.

I try not to complain about my husband, especially to people I hardly know. Have you ever met someone who does nothing but air there dirty laundry?  I was shocked to hear this from a "churched" lady. I took note, never to do that.  I went through stages of thinking, now I just accept her and love her and pray for her. We all have issues.

When we lived in a big house on the water, everyone's free vaca spot. I tried to be a generous host, but there was one guy I was less then thrilled with. He came often. He got on every last nerve.

As I was walking through to my bedroom, I heard G*d tell me to "honor Eddie & his friend."  I said out loud no. Foolish woman! He said it two more times before I believed it was G*d.

I had to repent for telling Him no, then I made up the bed nice and served him like a king. MY heart was forever changed.

We can be crowns to our husbands if we lift them up when we are out with people. That goes along way for a mans ego, just see how his heart towards you turns. I lift my hubby up as much as I can to others, but I also tell myself always. It keeps me appreciative of the man he is, not to take for granted that I am a stay home wife n mom. Lots of people think women should work outside the home and put us down like dirt. That has never bothered me because I have learned this is the will of G*d, to be a chaste homekeeper to love my husband and children, even homeschooling and now I answer the phone for our family biz at home. I don't get paid. Some women think that too, if you work for your fam biz you should get paid. I am not one of them. I do this to be a helpmet to dh.

In The Excellent Wife she says to ask our husbands what we could do to help. Yes it will add to our load but He who is faithful will help.

Husbands have lots of needs, I really want to be there for mine so he doesn't want to find someone else who will.

I ask him lots of annoying questions. I am not a mind reader and yes after almost 25 yrs, I still want to know what he wants, what he hopes for, what he needs. Growing older is painful for us, our bodies have been banged up. I untie his boots and take them off for him when he is hurting. Some might think I am a doormat or crazy, I say, yes, I am crazy about a man that works that hard for his family!

 So I say thank you Lord, Eddie is known in the gates, he is a man of integrity & honor! You are his shield and tower of strength. I bless your Holy name, Eddie is a blessing to others. Thank you Lord with long life You will satisfy Eddie and show him Your salvation.

 I believe in Prophetic praise, I believe the word of the Lord is active and living.  I believe His word will not return void, but it will accomplish what He sent it to do. 

I want to be the crown of my husband, I want to be like Ester who believed well.

 This is my once dried up lake after TS Debby, this is pretty. Please consider prayerfully giving to my Pastor's daughter who is widowed with 4 children whose home was badly flooded.  He home was the only one on the block that was damaged.  We know this is a test and God will be glorified in the testimony.   Jenny is a dear sister in the Lord and a good friend who lives the gospel in her own giving unconditionally. Jenny home birthed all her children with her husband and I bore witness. Jenny also home schools, she is a stay home mom who works diligently buying and selling dresses to help provide for her family. Jenny knows G*d is her provider, she is resting in that right now has she faces this next trial. 

This was earlier in the TS when they had to leave, it got worse. FEMA cannot help yet as the Prez has to declare it a state of emergency, even though our Gov has, we still have to wait.  You can help by donating here.  


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