Saturday, June 11, 2011

There is Nothing New Under the Sun Ecc 1:9

Praying without ceasing has a different meaning for me. While I have prayed the word over my sons since my Pastor taught it many years ago. I find the joined prayer of like minded Mamas very affirming. I am also in a group doing The Ministry of Motherhood, and reading Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts, and Monte Swan's Romancing Your Child's Heart. It's like parenting boot camp.

I have never woke before everyone, this is a huge challenge and has been a struggle, but I desire to be this person. Thankfully our home school is on vacation for a month.

So, yesterday after a long day taking care of my mother and shopping with hubby and lil guy, I spent some time in my #1 son's room while he played his video games. He had just been to a hunting class. Of course lil guy comes in a joins in the conversation and we are just spending time together between yawns. I ask if Joe "lil guy" can read his bible while we are in there, so of course Sean "#1" says yes. While reading lil guy informs me he is going to be a priest, that he had a dream and YHWY told him to be a priest like He told Sean to be a lawyer. My jaw dropped. Lil guy is going to be 8. Sean heard from the Lord at about 14.

This is not a total surprise as I have prayed the word over him and have him speak the word in his prayers. He is a bold lil guy. I had a feeling when he was 3 at a friends wedding after the Pastor said Amen, he loudly recited: Psalm 103:1 "Bless the Lord O my soul and all that is within me, Jesus I love you, Haleyula"!

He is a story teller, he has vivid dreams. I tell him always, G*d is going to use him mightily.

As I ponder these things I know he will do something great for the Lord. He was a miracle from birth. I attempted an unassisted vbac at home that went bad. I had toxemia and full blown seizures. All I can say is that the prayer of the fervent availed much. In the "world" we should not be here. He had other plans.

Doing these studies has been what I need after loosing my dad last November, and my childhood friend the year before that. Time to live fully, love deeply, smile often.

I have precious gifts from the King and I am living in the state of shock and awe of His grace, and I am counting it all joy through life's journey.

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