Wednesday, June 10, 2009

There is NO Holiness in Worldly Dance Recitals

I went to see a dear Sister's lil girl dance last night, and to my surprise, after the ballet portion was nothing less than disgusting to me.

What parent who is protective of their children wants to see them bumping and grinding and imitating things meant to be private? I don't get it, the sexier the move, the loader the cheers were.

We wonder why our culture is messed up? We have sex on the brain. We hate sexual offenders, and then put our little girls in sexy costumes begging for attention, shaking all they have, and wonder the guy they fall in love with only wants her for moments and tosses her away like an old newspaper.

What happened to ol fashion ballet/tap? I know we are in a fallen world and we all have done things BC, I continually need His forgiveness, but can we just Not put our children in a position of confusion?

Daughter: "Daddy I'm going out tonight."
Dad: "Where"
Daughter: "Dancing @ ********"
Dad: "Okay be home by midnight"
What will be the end of the scenario? Dad he hurt me? Dad I am pregnant? This is the Police we found your daughter dead?

I know that it is cut and dry but why do we sugar coat everything? Oh yeah that's another pet peeve I can rant about. "Meds for all Yippee" Poor me, blah blah blah!

Let's pursue holiness, let's think, let's pray! God is a good and loving Father let's come boldly to the throne and ask Him to help up raise up Godly children that it may be well with them all the days of their lives...God Bless you as you seek Him.

JC RYLE on Holiness


davsamommy said...

That is exactly why my girls are not in dance. Alyson begged her dad to dance. He stood firm and said no. So sad what they have turned the simple beauty of art into.

thewifeypoo said...

Way to go dad! We can't always give in to what our children want even when it seem innocent, that's where the wolves hide.