Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Who am I raising?

I was driving to pick up some meds today and I found myself thinking of this wonderful boy the Lord had given me. I was flooded with thoughts. Mainly my purpose for his life.

Joseph is so animated, never quiet, always imaginative, he is even thoughtful and sweet.
My mission, my goal, my conviction has been to raise sons that love the Lord with all their hearts, mind, and strength. Sons that love the wife the Lord gives them, protect the blessed children they receive as gifts. To be men of grit. To work hard or smart whatever the path the Lord leads them on.

I am passionate about this. This is a high calling and no easy job in this world filled with self-centeredness, indulging every passing whim.

Who am I raising? I was thinking about Billy Graham, did his mom know the impact he would make on the world? I know there are many unsung hero's of the faith that have made their mark on the world, I didn't get that deep. I was after all I was listening to Joe in the car tell me about aliens.

I believe my job is very important. I have wanted more children since the day I had my son Sean 18yrs ago, I didn't get Joe until 13 yrs later. I have dealt with my share of the green eyed monster and those having large families, blessed with so many, but, maybe, just maybe God wanted me to raise these boys who will bless his kingdom in ways I cannot yet fathom.

Sean was already instructed by the Lord to be a lawyer. He walks by faith, he is faithful, he trusts God,and is working to pay for his private christian college education. This is not cheap I might add. He could have gone to public college but we both were led to this school. He goes to chapel 3x a week and likes it. I am sure he will be a good husband and a caring father. Now we wait and pray...LSAT, Law school, Area of Law, house, wife...This is who I raised a young man taught by the Lord and great is his peace.

We will have to see how the Lord works in Joseph. I am praying the Lord lead me how I should teach him, in what direction He wants me to take. So far as it was with Sean so shall it be with Joe, God first, bible, scriptures,prayer, love, obediance, kindness, protecting girls and babies. The three R's will come.

I am trying to raise the bar, train up men of God. Responsible human beings.

Who are you raising?

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