Monday, November 17, 2008

Praying for parents

Well it is that time in my life where parents are getting older, not just for me but all my friends.
Two of my closest friends have already lost their fathers. I know for some they died when they were children or young adults. My husband being 24, lost his mom, my bf lost his dad at 8, and a sister at church lost her husband with 4 in toe from 1-7 yrs.

My girlfriends parents have been very ill for a long time. My Pastor's wife's parents are the oldest still living but stuff is creeping in.

My parents, of course this is what is all about for me. My mom is not doing well. She is in so much pain. Today she is going to the Dr. I hope they will help. It hurts my heart to hear her in so much pain. There is nothing I can do. We live a half hr away.
I know she would rather me take care of her than my brother, but thankfully he is there with my dad to help.

I hate that I am not closer. Thankfully I have a savior that sticks closer than a brother. My only hope, is Jesus. I thank the Holy Spirit He will never leave her of forsake her. I pray in the name of Jesus she is healed and made whole. I thank you Lord you are on the throne and in control. Father send your ministering angels to my mom and comfort her.

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Deb Burton said...

I know how difficult to not be able to be there with a loved one who is going through health issues. My brother's wife lost her battle with breast cancer 2 years ago, but with 700 miles between us, it was impossible to be there for them the way i would have wanted.

I was so thankful, though, that they belonged to an amazing church that basically took care of everything for them - meals, driving to Dr appts, house cleaning, etc.

Will send a prayer up for both you and your mom. I know how difficult it is to see our parents getting older.