Tuesday, August 28, 2018

7 Things Every New Homeschooling Parent Should Know

1 Relax and believe you are doing the best for your children. If you have little ones start by just reading aloud on the couch. Enjoy this time.
Learn what philosophy of education you like.  If you are taking your children out of the system, deschool for a while. Don’t worry about academics and just reconnect with your child. Ask them what they want to learn.  I call it Delight Directed Learning, though I am sure I didn’t coin that term.

2. Find a local support group that isn’t just an online group. Get plugged in, that means participate. You will make lifelong friends.

3. Think outside of the “school” box. Don’t try to recreate a brick n mortar school at home. Make your school cozy, a joy to learn in. Don’t be afraid of messes. Clean up time instills good habits and discipline.

4. Find someone you can connect with that is older been there done that. That has a heart for homeschooling families.  Likeminded in your philosophy of education, religion, politics, just generally someone you can trust.  I know this can take time, and I am not saying people who aren’t the same are bad or wrong, it just makes it easier for you if you are not confident. 

5 Learn your child’s learning style. Check out The Way they learn by Cynthia Tobias. 
Everyone learns differently even moms. 

6. My number one thing I tell every new homeschool parent. If you do nothing but love your child, you are doing more than the public schools.  No one will love them like you do.

7. If you are a Christian parent, pray over your children and make reading the bible the first part of your day.

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