Friday, May 30, 2014

Hello Home School Convention 2014 FPEA

I have had a rough few years of deaths to say the least. We all know that life goes on, and it must no matter how hard the road, or how mushy you feel to be sinking in the sand. I have continued to home school my nephew & son through the last episodes of a series of sadness.

This past school year brings bitter sweet memories. My oldest just graduated law school under the Lords direction. My nephew just graduated high school, and my youngest son is moving onto  middle school.

So off to my state wide convention for inspiration and encouragement I go.

First things first work. The Leaders Forum. My first. It was wonderful to meet and hear from all the moms and dads that work tirelessly to serve in the home school community. To hear that the struggles I face are not unusual. There is a new generation of home schoolers and I have yet to see anything good. Maybe it is the area I live in or I am so ol' school in doing this thing for the Lord and not unto men.  I certainly feel like an alien. Academics are important but it is not the defining end result I am seeking.

I feel like with all the technology out there and ways to communicate, the younger generation just seems to want to be an island unto themselves.  How can I help? How can we relate, and build relationships if we never meet?  Yes I have plenty of online people that I share with, pray for, and the like, but what about our children? Will they still enjoy play dates?  I know what you are thinking, plan it. I do. I do I do. We do.  We just have so few who participate. As I found out, I am not alone.

I am so grateful to the leaders that spoke up, shared, and made me feel welcomed.

The exciting stuff for me was after the Leaders Forum, shopping before the crowds, then the PJ Party with Heidi St John aka The Busy Mom. Oh what fun, filled with yummy treats, laughter, and a good dose of reality. No one is perfect accept Jesus. This no mama drama made sure we heard that.
I was beyond giddy. If you haven't read her books I encourage you to get them. You will be blessed and your marriage and children will be too.

Bring me to tears was Cate Frates. A vintage treasure with her session, Take Heat and Be Encouraged! You are Uniquely Chosen and Qualified to Educate Your Children
I was beyond blessed to hear all the things that was true for my first son is still relevant and I am not on the coo coo train because I want the Lord to lead my home and our schooling.
Of course Hal & Melanie Young where fab too, though I didn't get a picture. All of this would have been for naught if my all time fav people were not part of this adventure. I am so glad my husband and sons came to get a lil  R & R. I even got to go to the spa my last night to heal my weary back.
Joseph go to play a lil Man Hunt with his pal Jeremy before I crashed.
His brother was a graduate Sunday afternoon. Congrats to Dan Michael. One more Margo!
Seeing more friends come and go also made the weekend memorable.

Joe and Matthew sporting  Bilbo's sword was fun.

Joe having fun at JM Cremps Booth.
My love in his proud papa law school t shirt at  Sunset Sam's in the Gaylord.

Well if you haven't had enough of us or me by now you can catch me on facebook here I am thewifeypoo. 19 years and counting. Home schooling for life.