Friday, October 12, 2012

A Time of Celebrating

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated our 23rd anniversary together.  I have to say I have had a swell of emotions. Remembering my parents 20th  Joining the ranks of other committed couples headed for a lifetime together. 

Special events make you look back, take stock, wonder what the future holds. I was doing lots of thinking  that night.  We went on a dinner cruise. (It was on my bucket list).  On board there was a wedding, an eighty ninth birthday, another anniversary couple and us quietly taking it all in with our 9yr old son.  

The food was so so, the music not too loud, the gulf breeze beautiful and the fireworks fun. 
Looking into the eyes of my husband and son priceless.  How do you thank G*d for something beyond all hope, dreams being lived?  It could only have been better if my son Sean was there. 

Marriage is work. We may be unequally yoked, but we have a good marriage because of what the Lord has done in it, through each of us.  We each have different strengths and talents and I think for the most part we compliment on another. 

We have each others back, through it all, till the end of our days.  ...If  G*d is for us, who can be against us? Romans 8:31

Thanks Mom & Dad I know it was hard and not perfect, but I am proud my parents were married till death.
Thank you Lord for the gift of my husband Eddie.  My love & respect for this man is deep & wide.

I pray you all appreciate your spouses through the good bad & ugly times in life.  I pray you seek the Lord in your marriage and keep the bond & vow with the Lord that you may bless your spouse.
I pray for kindness and tender hearts for you all, In Yeshua /Jesus .