Thursday, September 15, 2011

After the Evaluation

It's not bad, just not what I expected. My mother in law/ love is my evaluator. Mind you she is laid back and I highly respect, and love her deeply. That said, we do not share the same love of Yeshua my messiah.

Knowing my son is a lil special, I may have put off testing of any kind, thinking he would grow out of all the quirks. My mother in law took a big breath, one of relief that he could read, the other that he "should" be writing better. My heart sunk. Have I already failed this special boy the Lord gave me?  My mother in law was not harsh or mean, thank G*d. She was supportive and began to tell me some children process things different.  My journey begins.

People may poo poo facebook, but I have tons of veteran home school moms on there. There is where my info begins. Felice Gerwitz of Media Angels took over The Ultimate Home School Expo from Cindy Rushton and just as I needed Felice did a Special Needs Expo. Thankfully, I was able to attend this one. We are getting on our feet a bit, after a huge slump of unemployment and starting a business from nothing. The Lord knew the how's, the who's, the speakers.  I was blessed beyond! The group of ladies in the chat room where funny, encouraging, & inspiring.  We laughed, cried, worshiped, and prayed for one another.

I learned so much! So I am going to enjoy my son as the gift he is and unwrap him slowly and savor every surprise and every spark that comes from him.