Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wondering about my Rewards

As I ponder why the Lord hasn't given me more...the Holy Spirit is gently saying it is not about the number, it is about who they are to you. The light bulb just got a little brighter in my mind.
I have an overwhelming love for these two very different rewards. I know that He has given them to me to be for Him and His kingdom and I am blown away by who they are in Him who made them.
No 1 was speedy & easy to teach and train, a soft and gentle spirit.
No 2 oiy! He is the better late than early kind, hard to teach and train, rambling, jumping, and loud, but a real esoteric spirit.

I pray I do better always, and not crush their spirits for they are my rewards.

I am forever thankful to a Father who gave these gifts to me, so undeserving, yet showered in immeasurable grace through the blood of my messiah Yeshua.