Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A New Season Approaching

The weather is beautiful here in Florida. I am so glad winter is over. I think the Father must have known how much cold I could take.

Second grade will be up next, so I have been busy looking for books to help lil guy.

I am also in prayer about starting Contenders of the Faith. We just do not have a big circle of lil boys in my church or neighborhood. My unequally yoked hubby and I are not big on the idea of leaving lil guy with anyone, like church youth groups or he could have gone to a few local churches that have Royal Rangers. So what's a mom to do?

My big guy will be finishing up his junior year in a week. I am beyond thrilled! Now I am praying he can get an internship with a local attorney and a job for the summer. Any takers in need of a diligent young man who works hard? Yes, I have no shame. He is a wonderful son obeying the lead of the Father.