Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Getting On with Life

My number one son is back at college, I miss him already! My lil foster dude is reunited with his dad, while this is a good thing it is still a hard pill to swallow. My house has become quiet once again and my lil guy has started to return to his sweet self. Having another boy in the house who was not raised with the same convictions was at the very least a challenge.

To say oh they are just boys did not cut it for me. Raising children in the admonition of the Lord is something deeply important to me. Foster dude brought many a "thing" that we struggled with.

That is over now. The Lord sustained me, thank you Father! I pray my lil guy will know and feel how much he is loved and adored, how much I am thankful for the gift he is to me. I haven't been able to stop kissing him (when he lets me) I just want to hold him and no 1 son as long as the Lord allows. Hopefully till I have not another breath in me when I am old and all gray.

God Bless all those loving foster parents and adoptive families who give freely.

FYI We are not real fosters we were called non relative caregivers, we got no money from the system. The Lord supplied all our needs cause dh lost his job that month we got him.