Friday, June 29, 2012

Reflecting on the P31 Woman -GMG Wk7

Reflecting on this woman, to me is daunting as I see the areas of my own lack. Becoming like her is not my goal. My goal in this study to see how her heart is right. I am never going to be a "Martha" type which the P31 woman looks like to me.
I am gleaning a heart of wisdom, to become more like Jesus, to invest my time correcting my heart and develop into His likeness, by incorporating some these things I am learning into my life for His glory as I do it to Him, and bless my family & others.

Me and the boys are going down for lunch with my mother, so I am praying I keep my big mouth in check and be kind and understanding...still working on my meek & quiet spirit : )

Monday, June 18, 2012

Oh Me Oh My, Woes to Me? Week 6 P31 GMG

Is this the cry of your heart as a help meet, home keeper, and mom?  I pray not.  
Are you busy helping everyone else and forgetting first things first?

I encourage you today, even the most mundane chores that you do over and over is a blessing to YOUR family, but not only to them but to the Lord.  When you have done this to the least of these, you have done it to Me. Matt 25:37-40. You may not think of your family as the least of these, but your children can't take care of things, they are in boot camp. You can't love your neighbor and forget the people you live with.

The acts of a loving wifeypoo and mother are those things that go unseen daily.  In my house I say,  "there are no lil green elves that clean up after you."  When I got angry, I used to scream out loud, then in my head I AM the lil green elf!"  Now I laugh about it mostly as I think this is a time to teach, train and love.

Last week was Joseph's 9th birthday and he didn't really want lots of stuff, in fact he only wanted one game. Yes I let my sons play video games- a whole other conversation.  I ordered the game and it didn't come on his birthday and bless his heart and to my surprise he was okay with it.  It was an older game so it was cheap, so I asked dh if we could get him another gift and go to the big red store after Chinese, for some reason Joe likes that one, red is his favorite color. 

So off we went, while we were there we were picking up some groceries and we came across ice cream cake that looked like the one we were going to get at DQ. Joe saw it and didn't care that it was not the one he wanted, just like the other man in my house. 

Home to finish the celebration. The best part of all of this to me is watching Sean, 22 play with Joe, 9,  It was a good evening.  

I am a thankful person by nature, but after reading Ann Voskamp's book, A Thousand Gifts, I feel gratitude deeper, I see so much more to be thankful for. I don't take moments of joy for granted. I don't take being the Wifeypoo lightly.

 Thank you Father for this gift. I pray as I serve them you are glorified.